Home page

Please keep in mind that because of many reasons (family, work, hobby, etc) I don't have enough time for mantaining this site.

What else do I do in the Internet?



I participate in Seti@home project.


I try to keep my profile up to date.

Panoramio / GoogleEarth

I support these projects with a few photos. You can download GoogleEarth here.


Linux Counter

I'm a registered Linux user.

Java Black Belt

I've passed a few exams. I've created a few questions.


Why wikidot?

Because wikidot is:

  • free
  • easy to use
  • looks nice

If you want to learn more about wikidot, please take a look here.

What additional tools do I use?

Why my picture galleries are so simple?

I've decided to keep everything on wikidot, because it is fairly easy to create backup copy of entire site. I don't have spare time to maintain external picture galleries. Keeping in mind that there is a limit of disk space (currently 300MB, previously 100MB) I publish only necessary pictures of fairly good quailty.

O ile nie zaznaczono inaczej, treść tej strony objęta jest licencją Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.