Build your own 8 bit computer

My own 8bit computer



6502. Because I want to.


External. To have an external address/data bus.




8x8 matrix keyboard from C64 can be reused.
Matrix keyboard controller is needed.

  • I can(?) build my own one
  • an old PIA 6821 or CIA 6526 can be re-used
  • there is an existing solution from Atmel, but is it applicable in my case and what exact chip does it require?

Video output

no idea



TODO list

  • decide on CPU - 6502
  • find ROM
  • learn how to flash it
  • make CPU boot from ROM
  • decide on how to display anything on the screen
  • make the video display work
  • decide on keyboard controller
  • make the keyboard work
  • put everything in C64 case
  • decide on interpreted language to implement in ROM
  • implement the chosen language
  • rule the world

SID player

TODO list

  • make SID play anything
  • add a chip that will control SID
  • learn the chip how to play SID files
  • add SD card support
  • add a display to show which SID file is being played
  • add buttons to control the player (to select the file, play, pause, etc.)
  • find a way to power the system (5VDC and 12VDC is required)
  • add proper audio-out socket (will it be used as portable player :) or as additional element in my stereo system?)
  • make sure that the output (mono) is using both channels
  • find appropriate case (portable vs stereo system)
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